Friday, November 27, 2009

Part 2 October

In honor of Thanksgiving...let's blog about Halloween! It's so nice to be reminded of how far behind I really am... Grr...

After returning to Kansas from the wedding, we enjoyed some fall weather outside and took these pictures on Avery's 16 month birthday.

She also discovered the fun of dress up. For now it is just the apron, but I can see this fascination growing. She has recently discovered Daddy's baseball caps and Mommy's bracelets.

Then it was time for Halloween! In honor of Avery's first animal noise, she was a duck!

We celebrated by joining Kevin at a chili fund raiser at his work. We also attended a fall festival put on by a local church. "Avery" enjoyed all the trick or treat candy she collected ;)

Here is Avery showing off her duck skills. However, once again we are back to the sideways videos. Sorry...

That's all for now. Hope you are all full on turkey and cranberry sauce. Mmmm.


Amy said...

You guys enjoy that candy. It's a sad day when they start taking inventory.

roaming ralpal said...

Oh man! That is one beautiful baby girl! You two are having as much fun as we did when you girls were this age! I know it is not all fun and laughter (like when she is sick or teething, etc) but the memories you are making will be fabulous!
Love you all! Grams and Bob-bob