Thursday, November 20, 2008

Part 2

Ok, so it did take me as long as I was afraid it might to get this second half up! Enjoy it anyway, better late than never...

In short, our October was the month of company. We had visits from my (Tonya) folks, Kevin's folks, Kevin's sister and brother in law and family, and Tonya's sister. Whew! Here are some photos of the fun.

Tonya's Mom with Avery

Ian & Mackenzie helping Grandma make a cake

For Brad's birthday, he got a visit from (one of) Amy's alter egos

Kevin cooked another fantastic meal from the grill

Avery with all of her grandparents!


On Halloween we carved the pumpkin you saw with Avery in the last post

I got to scoop out the guts

Amber and I also made caramel apples

Last, earlier this month, Kevin and I met up with a friend from my Tucson days. She is now a student at Texas Tech and plays for the volleyball team. They were here in Lawrence playing the KU team (we won't talk about how it went... sorry Karlyn). It was great to see her for just a brief moment!

So I believe that catches me up for now. But, not for long. Avery is now into solid foods and I have some great photos to share of that, and of course Thanksgiving is next week, and then Christmas... Wow! Does it ever slow down??

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Avery Milestones

This is update 1 of 2. So much has happened since the last post, I have to split it up or else I might never finish it! This is the update about Avery and her recent growth. It really does go by so fast now!

One of the most fun things is that Avery laughs now! This video was taken the day after her first laugh, which was on October 5, so she has gotten even better since then (sorry it's sideways!).

Later in the month Avery enjoyed her first taste of cereal. Since we feed it to her from a bottle, I don't have photos of that, but we are glad we made that introduction. After sleeping regularly for 6-8 hours, she went down to 1-3 hours at night. After about a week of that, I had enough and started giving her a bit of cereal before bed. It took about 3-4 nights to really take effect, but she is now back to about 6 hours a night. Hooray!

On October 30, Avery turned 4 months old. These are her adorable 4 month old photos. What a beauty! I think her smile is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

Of course, this Halloween was Avery's first. This year, she opted out of the door to door trick or treating, so we went for a simple "costume".

I thought you might enjoy this shot of us trying to get Avery to smile while in the pumpkin (which she never did). I am awaiting a call from Anne Geddes any day.

On November 1st, Avery turned over from her back to her front for the first time! This is actual footage of her first successful roll in that direction. She now thinks it is a great trick and likes to do it all the time. This is ok with me, except she does not like to spend to much time on her stomach, so instead of rolling back over, she ends up screaming and needing rescuing. The other part about this is that I suddenly have a mobile baby! She doesn't move very quickly or far, but just knowing she can start in one place and I can come back and she is somewhere else just strengthens the importance of putting her in safe places!

Last, is that Avery is now a Vegas bound card-shark. I am warning you now not to play against her for anything valuable unless you plan to lose...

So, that is all for Avery's Milestones! It's been a busy month for her and I still have all of our Activities and Events to post in the next update! Hopefully that is coming soon.