Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Christmas

This year we spent Christmas in Austin with Kevin's side of the family. It was so great to spend time there and be with all the family (except for Eric who is serving our country overseas).

On the way down we were able to stop in Dallas and visit with my friend Jenise who has just moved into a new home. She had her Christmas tree decorated so beautifully, but here we are covering the pretty tree with our "traveling all day, frumpy" selves. It was fun to see her and her new place though. (and Avery was more than happy to get out of the car for awhile)

When we arrived in Austin we were greeted with this beautiful sight. Doesn't Sandra and Brad's house look like it belongs in a magazine?!?!

Christmas Eve we took some time to visit with Mike and Debbie. We also happen to stop by while Cal and Kassi and Debbie's parents were there. What a sweet time to visit with everybody. While we were there Mike cooked up some dessert and let Avery assist. She was very good to be careful and follow Mike's lead.

Christmas Day brought the fabulous traditional gift chaos. All five cousins were present and ready to tear into the massive pile of gifts. Such fun!

We all were lucky enough to have a personal visit with Santa Claus himself! Unfortunately this year Avery was not quite sure what to do with the hairy faced man on the couch. Maybe next year Santa...

After presents we enjoyed the traditional Christmas dinner which Sandra and I enjoyed putting together the day before. As you can see, front and center, is the much debated deviled eggs. I made a platter and sister-in-law Amy made a platter. In order to keep the peace, I shall simply relay the verdict on taste as described by Brad... "Yum, as good as two flavors of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream ...I like them both differently" Hmmm...

Here is Sandra with her very first (and very successful) pumpkin roll. Don't mistake her for Better Crocker, although you could!

Kevin even got in the action by making a yummy pumpkin cheesecake. Nice!

Here is Avery after presents and after dinner. Can you say overwhelmed and overtired?

Finally, here are all the cousins together. Sandra did a great job making sure we took the time for this photo. And trust me when I say there are more "outtake" shots of this photo than usable shots. :)

Enjoy this video of Avery enjoying Ian's Christmas gift. She is definitely not in the suggested age range for this toy, but it was mighty popular, nonetheless. Thanks for sharing, Ian! (Please enjoy this video over and over and over, it took me 13 uploads to get it turned the right direction...Grrr).

Later I will post the photos of our second Christmas celebration once we returned home to Lawrence.
Happy New Year!