Wednesday, February 15, 2012

San Francisco!

Wow! Has it been this long since the last post?? I guess we missed Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the other daily life events in the past several months. But here I am blogging about another traveling adventure.

On February 9-12, Kevin had a conference in San Francisco that he attended. Lucky for me, his Saturday was free, so he invited me out to spend the day with him. After arranging some "budget-friendly" travel with Amber, and some child care with the Dodd Grandparents, the trip was on! 1 day in San Francisco to do and see as much as we could. And wow, did we take advantage of it!

Friday night I flew in to San Francisco to this beautiful sight.

And when my fantastic husband picked me up he presented me with a beautiful bouquet of roses.

 Thanks to the time change (California is 2 hours earlier than Texas), we were out and about early on Saturday morning and still felt like we had slept in. Before we began the walking portion of our day, we first enjoyed the unique driving experience that is San Francisco. We drove the ridiculously steep hills and marveled at the people who were parking on these streets. Then we drove down the worlds 2 most crooked streets. A pretty incredible experience. Our first stop was the famous Fisherman's Wharf.

There on Fisherman's Wharf is the end of the rainbow for sourdough bread lovers such as myself. All those lovely golden treats are loaves of Boudin Sourdough bread. Yum!!

There are so many lovely views of the Bay, it's hard to choose just one.

After much walking (much, much, much walking), we decided to get off our feet and ride the world famous cable cars. A really neat experience.

A view of Alcatraz island from the cable car.

After the cable car ride, we enjoyed another unique experience. We took a tour of the bay on a boat. As we left the dock we saw the community of sea lions that have taken residence there on the wharf.

 The tour also took us under the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

And up close and around Alcatraz island.

And before our day was finished, we had to pay homage to another San Francisco landmark. The Ghirardelli cafe! Home of the best...

hot fudge sundae...

in the world...Really.

When we got home, we shared our treasures with the family. Sourdough turtles for the girls,

and a sourdough crab for the rest of the family.

When Kevin returned from the trip, he had bought fun socks for each of us.

In a nutshell, that was our 1 day San Francisco vacation. And it truly was a vacation. Kevin and I had an amazing time getting to visit and share time together that had nothing to do with the stresses that we have been dealing with for the past year. I am so grateful to everyone who helped make this trip happen. I know that the memory of it will keep me going for several months.