Sunday, December 6, 2009


Ahh... November. This year November was a beautiful fall month here in Kansas.

While we did enjoy much of it, we also spent much of it sick. Blech, and we passed it around and around and around. Poor Avery had it twice.

We still found time though to stay very busy. At the beginning of the month we visited the new Christian Camp outside of Topeka where we rode a paddle boat and Avery cheerfully wore her first life jacket.

We also made a trip to Tucson to say goodbye to a very dear friend. While there we got to spend time with both family and friends.

While in Tucson, Avery got her very first haircut, given by her very own Grams! She did very well, and yes, we saved a curl or two for the baby book.

When we returned to Kansas we enjoyed Thanksgiving with Kevin's family in Topeka.

Here we are at the traditional Scrabble game. Once again I took the martyr position that someone has to take (in other words, I lost). However, Kevin managed to win his round!

Avery's talented great grandma Nana has been busy lately. She made Avery a new bunch of outfits and jackets as well as a quiet time church book which Avery very much enjoys. Thank you Nana!

Finally, Avery has decided that she is ready to move straight into being a grown up. Here you can see she is into working construction projects with Daddy. Climbing this step ladder is a very popular activity. As you might guess, it now spends most of it's time folded up and out of site.

Well, that's November! Happy December!

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roaming ralpal said...

Once again you take first prize in the greatest blog category! Love that baby.
Question...Did Kevin take down the spice cabinet above your stove and remodel that area? Send pictures of his remodel!
Thanks and love to all of you, Grams and Bob-bob