Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Birthday!

As I mentioned before, this year on my birthday (September 20) I met Amber and Sandra at DisneyWorld for 2 days! It was incredible! Instead of typing a moment by moment account here and losing you all, I am going to reprint here a very special page from my scrapbook of this trip. Interspersed in this list will be some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

What Made This Birthday So Special...

It was a trip to DisneyWorld with Amber and Sandra!

Sandra got us into three parks for free on the 19th!

Amber provided the flights at no cost.

We stayed in a beautiful hotel courtesy of Amber, Sandra, Mom and Dad.

I received birthday cards, calls, and gifts from lots of family and Jenise.

Thanks to Sandra I got to shop at the Cast Member store where I bought a fabulous watch.

I got to see where Sandra lives and works.

Sandra Dodd spent the weekend with Kevin and Avery.

I did not change a diaper for the whole weekend!

I had a gourmet cupcake with a Mickey Mouse candle on my birthday.

We came away with lots of pictures and special memories.

Did I mention that I spent my birthday at DisneyWorld?!

And for all this I paid about $30 out of pocket!

I received a birthday button at the beginning of the trip which provided these fun birthday surprises...

Nearly every cast member I passed for 2 days wished me a Happy Birthday.

We rode the Safari ride on a private birthday tour.

At lunch in the Studios, I got a turkey leg for the price of a 'gobble-gobble'.

I received free chocolate dipping sauce for my pretzel, Yum.

The day of my birthday I got FREE admission to the Magic Kingdom.

At dinner on Sunday I received a mini chocolate cake.

I was given access to 'special' pin trading books

A Disney executive gave me the last pin I needed to complete my set, even though I ran out of pins to trade with her.

And when I returned to Kansas...

Kevin took me to PF Chang's for dinner and the Cheesecake Factory for dessert

But at home, he had spent the weekend building me a pantry in the kitchen. Awesome!

As you can see, my 29th birthday was extra extra special! I am still basking in the joy of the event! But now it is finally time to move into more current events, and I have some great videos of Avery coming up.


Kylie said...

WOW!!!WOW!!!!WOWWW!!!I am speechless. That was some awesome birthday! I am jealous!!! I am just seriously so excited for you. What a vacation!!! That is fantastic! That is marvelous! That is Terffic! Good for you! Happy Happy 29th!

Jeremy and Alyssa said...

Happy Birthday! I don't know that any other birthday to come could top that one. It made me want to go to Disney World for my birthday. Glad you had such a good time.

roaming ralpal said...

Holy cow! What you packed in a few days was a lifetime of Happy, glowing memories!
Yay for Kevin, Avery, Sandra (the sister), Amber, Sandra (the fabulous mother-in-law)and even us for making your 29th birthday come true for $30.
Great pictures!
Love you, Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you "Tonie' the pictures are precious. "243" Papa Nana