Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another month (long post)

Where does the time go?? It's been a month since our last post and so much has happened! Part of the delay was waiting to figure out how to turn these videos right side up, and I am proud to say they are now correct! Hooray! Watching Avery stand makes a bigger impact when she is shown moving vertically rather than horizontally. :)

These first photos are from the days after Easter. We took Avery to the park and she got to ride down the slide with Daddy. The video is rough and short, but it is hard to be photographer and baby receiver all at once.

We also broke down and bought a baby gate. Avery enjoyed the kitchen (and the contents of the floor) a bit too much, so she is now banned. But, that doesn't stop her from testing the gate every once in awhile to see if we have left it unlocked. If we have, she is in there as fast as her little crawl will take her.

These photos are just everyday life shots. For awhile, Avery's favorite thing to do was empty her toybox. She is now getting the hang of putting things back which is what she is doing with her arm stuck up the elephant's trunk.

We are trying to introduce Avery to table food. She likes the independence of it, but eating itself is a hit or miss event. She is just not interested in it for very long. But the other day Kevin grilled/smoked a whole turkey breast and here Avery is having her first taste of Dad's cooking. She seemed to enjoy it, but then, who doesn't enjoy Kevin's cooking.

Then we have Avery's 10th month birthday. Instead of doing many photos, I did more videos. So enjoy the collection of Avery in action. As you will see, she is standing on her own. Since these videos were taken, she has decided that standing is the greatest thing. We expect a first step sometime soon.

She also loves to knock over block towers, so that is a popular activity during our day.

On to Mother's Day. My first! Here is my precious girl on my special day. The sweater was knitted (crocheted?) by my great-grandmother. I thought it was a special way to honor the ladies of my family on Mothers Day as well.

These are the flowers that Kevin had sent to the house with a note reading, "Every working mom should have flowers sent to her office." I thought that was a great note!

Kevin's parents were in town that weekend, so we spent time with them.

This picture is special and unique because it is 4 generations of Dodd women.

We joined the family in Topeka for church that morning where Kevin's aunt Lisa teaches cradle roll. Avery loves Sunday morning class.

So, we are now all caught up. Kevin thinks that Avery has said her first word this weekend, "Dada". I was there at the time and it was said when Kevin walked in, but we will see if it was the real thing or not... Time will tell.

That's all for now! One year is coming up much too quickly, I'll have to do better at keeping this blog updated or there will be too much to get behind on!

Love to you all!


Anonymous said...

She has grown so much in just one month! We can't wait to get there! The pictures are fabulous and the videos done the right way (lol) makes a difference. You are a genius. See you all soon. Grams and Grandaddy

Beth said...

She really has grown a lot in a month. She is so precious. I thought about you on Mother's Day and I'm glad you enjoyed your first of many! Tell Kevin he did great with the flowers!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Oh Tonya, Thank you so much for the precious updates. Avery you are so sweet. And Kevin you are a wonderful "DaDa". There is no doubt in our minds Avery knew what she was saying. "243"