Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a fun and memorable Easter. The holidays seem so different with a child. More fun than I have had since I was a child. And I hear it just gets better from here.

Avery's Easter dress is made by her Nana in Tucson. It was a huge hit at church this morning. It was also the only place her shoes stayed on.

After church we went to Kevin's Aunt Lori's in Topeka and had Easter dinner with the whole family. Yum! Avery even enjoyed the rolls.

A rare family shot.

Daddy and Avery singing Itsy Bitsy Spider during the 'photo shoot'.

And then the kids all hunted Easter Eggs. Tyson and Lexi donated some of their findings to Avery which was enough for her.

This weekend Avery suddenly figured out clapping. She has been trying for a week or two, but the hands never really came apart during the clap. Now she has got the hang of it and this video (yes, sideways again) is proof of that.

Happy Easter all! Hope it was a great day for you as well.


Anonymous said...

No kidding she has grown since your last blog. What beautiful changes are happening in your family. We have shown everyone that came into tally at LTC your last blog so now Avery is our mascot!

Anonymous said...

Oh Avery you are so smart. You learn so fast. Thanks Tonya and Kevin for making our day. "243"