Sunday, May 31, 2009

11 months!

This is it!! The last monthly "photo shoot" before the big 1 year! I truly cannot believe that we are here. She is so quickly becoming a toddler and moving out of that baby stage. And she is such a sweetheart! So, here are the photos of her on her 11th month birthday. Be warned, she was more in the mood to chew on the camera...
than to pose for pictures. She is always busy!

Now that the weather has warmed up, we are making good use of our great backyard with huge trees. We sit and play out there often.

She also spends lots of time looking at books. She loves turning the pages.

Here she is standing on our porch swing. She loves going for rides on this.

So that is all! Happy 11th month baby girl. Look here soon for 1 year old photos! Yikes!

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The Roaming RalPals said...

oh my how did I miss this month? ugh. Well Grams and Gran? will be in the 1 year pictures! Can't wait to smother you all with kisses and hugs! 5 more days and we will be in Lawrence!!!! Would you look at those top 2 teeth! Avery, you are adorable in peach and those pants are the cutest ever! See you all soon! Grams