Monday, December 3, 2007

Baby Pictures!

Ok folks! To all you restless, breathless family and friends... On Friday, November 30 we had our first sonogram! Wow! Incredible. The technician told us that the baby measures 2.6 centimeters, but already we could see fingers and toes and see and hear the heartbeat. It was an incredible experience. Seeing the baby and watching the movements totally changed my perspective on this whole event. We are going to have a baby! Cool! So, now we really begin the planning and being excited. Thanks to you all for riding on this journey with us.


Tonya and Kevin


Ginger said...

that is way cool! Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

As the Aunt, I must say that I have the cutest little niece/nephew in the world.
Sure does change things when you see what's going on in there, doesn't it?
I love you both!

Ashley S said...

Very cool Tonya. Ya'll are going to be great parents!

Cal said...

Oh man that's freakin me out Tonya! Am I a second uncle? I don't know what the family tree branch looks like. I don't even know but it's freakin me out.

Kevin & Tonya said...

Cal, Me too. This is a great thing. You should come up and see us.

Amy - of course you would have the cuttest niece/nephew. I have some good ones too.

It is amazing how the sonogram changes the reality of it all. Before now we could not think about it and be ok. Now there is no denying.

larson2/5/6/6.5 said...

I think we are on Cal's train. We are having fun with the fact that Tonya and Kevin are with child but we freak when thinking we are future grandparents. Life is grand!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! There is a baby in there!!! Love ya'll!