Saturday, December 15, 2007

Marching towards Christmas

Just a note to update on what's going on in the Dodd household. Today we received what felt like a ton of snow, but ended up being only 2 inches! Brr. Tomorrow we are going to brave the cold and go watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the Tennesse Titans in freezing weather. Fun (for someone). We have decorated our Christmas tree and have actually started the process of finishing our floors on our own. This was a pretty intimidating task, but it turns out to not be as bad as we thought it might be. Other than the smell, it is really not bad at all. The end results will really be worth it too!

On the baby front, not much new news. Tonya is still not showing at 12.5 weeks, but she is having dreams about the baby which is pretty cool!

Next week we are spending Christmas in Florida with Tonya's family at DisneyWorld. I am sure we will have lots to share after that!

Happy Holidays all! (We are still trying to get that elusive Christmas letter and picture out to you all.)


Mom Larson said...

Whoa way cool tree! The floors are looking beautiful! It is funny every one of my pregnancy's Nana and Papa would paint the interior of their house and I would help. This last time was about 4 years ago and I refused to have any part of their painting. LOL. Thanks for sharing. Patty

Sandra dodd said...

Tell us more about the dreams.... What are you dreaming about my grand baby?