Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 07!

Somehow we managed to start the weekend off by squeezing 10.5 hours of driving in 12 hours. But, that was the worst part of the weekend...
Tonya and Kylie - the pregnant in-laws!

We spent the holiday in Austin with Kevin's family and Tonya's sister, Amber. We had lots and lots of food (10 lbs of mashed potatoes, thank you Lisa) including Double Dave's Pizza Rolls, and Rudy's breakfast burritos, making our trip to Austin official. While there we got to visit with Eric and Kylie who are expecting their 2nd baby a week and a half after us! Mackenzie and Ian are growing by leaps and bounds and we had a great time playing with them. Once again we were absolutely blown away by the magnificent home that we stayed in (belonging to Sandra and Brad). They have done an amazing amount of work to make a fantastic reunion place.

Kevin and his neice and nephews.

On the way home we visited with the other side of Kevin's family in Oklahoma and had to endure watching the Jayhawks suffer their first loss of the season.

Tonya and Julianna at the Spaghetti Warehouse

So, all too quickly we are back home and back to the routine. But we console ourselves with the thought that Christmas is only 4 weeks 1 day 3 hours and 12 minutes away. (and by Christmas I do mean DisneyWorld!)

Love to all!


Amy said...

I really enjoyed seeing you both. Sorry about the Jayhawks. That's the way it goes in water polo. It's a water polo team, right?

Ashley S said...

Hey guys! I don't know if you remember me but this is Ashley Scarborough from Austin. Hope all is well for you. Looks like it is. I'm bookmarking your blog so I can keep up. Talk to you soon!!

Ginger said...

The Dodd family is growing quickly, huh? I think you might outgrow mom and dad's new house at this rate.

larson2/5/6/6.5 said...

I am so glad you all were able to enjoy Thanksgiving with family! Can't wait for xmas at DW!