Monday, August 25, 2008

Personal Best!

In honor of the recently ended Olympics, Avery would like to share with you her new personal best record... Granted, this may not be a gold, silver, or even bronze on the world stage, but for her, it is still impressive.

This morning after waking up in just a diaper and a blanket, she just wouldn't be calm until she had on a onesie. Being her coach and sponsor in this event, I supported her by fitting her with an adorable one piece in teal. Within the first 10 minutes of sporting the teal number, we were in full training mode. The burp that emerged from within brought with it the entire contents of the recently ingested bottle. This was an impressive feat, requiring the first change of the morning. It also required a change of clothes for Coach Mom who really should have changed PJ's earlier in the day, but was waiting for the right incentive.

The second number of the day was a soothing white onesie, adorned with powder pink hearts. Within 10 minutes of sporting this epitome of Gerber design, we were in the races again. This time Avery was inspired to make her mark on this outfit from below. Unfortunately, the diaper that we all relied on to support us in this endeavor, failed in it's debut performance. This prompted yet another change of attire.

Finally, after a long 30 minutes of costume changes, Coach Mom finally found the right match. The striped number in purple and green was just the right thing. After this exhausting personal best of 3 outfits in 30 minutes, Olympian Avery Ann Dodd needed a well deserved break. She is currently sleeping off the effects of this tremendous effort. We would like to thank our fans and supporters during this time of exciting growth.

Until next time... Avery and Coach Mom


Amy said...

Never change out of pajamas until the first big explosion of the day. Ian taught me that very important lesson.
You are doing a great job. She really is beautiful.

Gina said...

Shoot if I could go to work in my PJs I would!!!
I am so glad we are out of the multi-outfit days.....then again Courtney has started needing several outfits, but that's more emotional and imaginative than a physical need.

Anonymous said...

Go Avery! We support you in every way! We give you a perfect 10! Along with your supportive coach mom who gets a $10 gift card to Target (pronounced Tar-jhay) for another pair of PJ's (coaching attire) Well done team!
Love to you both, Gamma and Mom

Jeremy, Alyssa, Hailey and Wyatt said...

I am so glad to be out of those days of changing outfits constantly and yet they are approaching rapidly once again. I had forgotten I can wear PJ's all day though and no one think I am weird. I guess that is one thing to look forward to.