Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A few pictures...

Just thought we would share a few pictures with everyone. Avery is still tiny, but she has made huge waves in our life! We are still adjusting, but getting better all the time.

Mom (yikes, that's me!) and Avery at a baby shower put on by some friends. This is the only one of her baby showers that she was actually in attendance for!

The baby shower was a brunch. These are the goodies we got to enjoy.

Daddy playing "Ride Little Pony"

Avery, awake and not crying!

We have discovered she loves her room (or diaper changes).
She is most content on her changing table.

Dad and Avery, after a hard day's work.


Anonymous said...

Happy 1 month Birthday to Avery! We couldn't be more proud of your mom and dad. We Love you all. The shower was great and you, Avery were totally great! Gran-Gran and ?Grandpa Larson

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! They are absolutely precious! We are so happy for you. We will also continue to pray for all the adjustments.