Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Hello all! Happy Father's Day to all you special men out there who get to be Dads. This is Kevin's first Fathers Day. A special time for us all. Now don't worry, you haven't missed any news, we are still pregnant. We expect the big day to be any moment, but in reality I could have up to 3 more weeks. After the last visit to the doctor, he tells me I have not progressed very far into being ready to deliver, but I am ready to prove him wrong any day! I am feeling very well, but I am definitely uncomfortable and not sleeping well. I am ready to move to the next stage of this whole process, the baby part of it.

We have finished all of our prenatal classes, so we are as educated as we are going to be before this happens. My parents are in town for several weeks, my grandparents are coming next week, and the nursery is nearly ready.

My last day of work was last week and I have been finishing odds and ends while waiting for the baby. Thanks to Mom, we are actually getting some things done around here. It is a wonderful thing to start seeing the house become a home. It was pretty hard to leave my job for good, but I still know it will be the right decision. I was telling a friend of mine that I keep waiting for that "This is a good decision" feeling, she was very insightful to tell me that I may not feel that way until the baby is born. Which is good to know, because I have been out of work for all of 4 days and I am already getting nervous about it.
As far as the nursery goes, we need to hang curtains, and maybe add some wall decor, and then we are done! All this for a room she probably won't even sleep in for several months, but I think it helps us to prepare.

Thank you all who have thought of us as we are preparing for this baby. We have been showered with gifts and well wishes as the day gets closer. All these things have been very helpful.

That's all the news for now, hopefully we are close to sharing a birth story and pictures of the little one soon, but unfortunately, we can't predict when.

Love to all, Tonya & Kevin


Anonymous said...

The big arrival day will be here before you know it... try and lay around and catch all the zzzzzzzz'z you can now. Cant wait to hear more baby news soon.

Gina said...

Yes, Kylie's right...SLEEP!! You will miss the "pre-baby" sleep. Although the sleepless nights are sooo worth it.
Can't wait to hear about your new arrival soon.

Amanda said...

Precious! How exciting to be so close, but I'm sure the anticipation is driving you crazy! We will continue to pray that all goes well.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl what a ride for dad and I. Can't tell you how much being here at this time means to us. Love to all 3 of you, Dad and Mom