Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Big Events

Why is it that every time we post on this blog, I feel as though we have run a marathon since the last one?!

Since the last post, here is what has happened in a nutshell... we finished the floors (hooray!!!), we had our first and second overnight house guests, Kevin's parents visited, Tonya's parents and sister visited, the baby's room is painted, the crib and furniture are in the room, we had professional maternity pictures taken, we had a baby shower, and we own a stroller! Sheesh, with all that and being 33 weeks pregnant, I am exhausted and exhilarated! Here are some pictures and details...

Now that the weather is pleasant, Kevin finished the wood floors and we stayed at some friends house while the house aired out. The floors are fantastic! It is amazing what a difference it makes to the look of the house and how I feel about the house. Mainly it is now a home and not just a place to store stuff. Very exciting!

A couple of weekends ago, Kevin's parents came to visit us from Austin. Kevin's dad called it "Baby Quality Control". While they were here, amidst the family meals with those in Topeka and a near miss by a tornado, they painted the baby's room, brought the handmade crib and dresser and painted those as well. Overnight the room became baby friendly. It looks amazing! What a big leap that made in preparing our house for this new little one.

This weekend, my parents and sister came from Dallas to attend the baby shower held by the church members. Another crazy busy weekend that helped to make leaps and bounds towards being baby ready. We now have a changing table, rocking chair, and a stroller. And that was after the baby shower!

The shower was an abundance of the cutest baby clothes I have ever seen. This little girl will be the best dressed (and most frequently changed) little one you have ever seen. We received fantastic items and had a great time. One of the most meaningful parts of the shower was the parenting advice that each person wrote to Kevin and I. Then, unknowingly to me, one of the hostesses put all those written advice cards in a beautiful scrapbook that she presented to me. It is amazing and will be treasured always!

A couple weeks before the company, we had professional maternity photos taken. Our friend Sarah does these and she did a fantastic job. Here are a couple of our favorite shots. These are amazing keepsakes for us to remember this special and unique time.

On the baby front, the little one is very busy growing and moving. I am still feeling very well, but I know that I am about ready to not be pregnant anymore. This is fun, but not feeling like there is a full grown watermelon in my stomach will be a welcome change. My doctor tells me that after Monday the 12th, if I go it to labor, she is developed enough to be born and healthy! Not that I want that to happen next week, but it is comforting to know we are at that point. Especially now that things are starting to come together with the house.

Hopefully I will have more news and pictures before the baby is born, but regardless, please keep us in your prayers as we make such a huge transition in our lives.

Love you all (and Happy Mother's Day!), Tonya and Kevin


Anonymous said...

You two are well on your way to being professional home remodelers! Your house looked fabulous. Thank you for being fabulous hosts, we all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with you. We loved the professional pregnant pictures. You two are going to be outstanding parents.Love to all three of you, Mom

Amanda said...

Hello! We are so excited to get back in touch with you!! And we are even MORE EXCITED that you guys are PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!! We will have fun keeping up with you on your blog and hopefully we will get to see you and your precious little one in the not too distant future.
~Amanda (and Jeremy) Pierce

Gina said...
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Beth said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. You are just glowing! (I know that word is overused, but what can I say? It fits!)

I actually thought of you today when I saw a car with a Mickey Mouse foam ball on it's antenna. I actually found myself wondering if it could be one of yours since you had so many stolen off of your car!

Love you, dear friend!

Ginger said...

The reason you feel like you have run a marathon since your last post? Once a month posting may be the cause of that. Not that I am any better. I only know why you feel that way because I feel that way as well.

Seriously, though. The room looks great, though I am sure your mother-in-law is not real happy with the picture you posted of her. And I LOVE the pictures, especially the one of you and Kevin togehter looking and holding your stomach. It seriously made me want to cry tears of joy.