Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halloween and More

There it is! The smile I promised you a few weeks ago. She is such a people person and loves to smile and talk. So my next challenge is to catch the talking on video. Precious!

And as seems to be typical in our house. Our little girl LOVES her Daddy. Mommy may have gotten the first smile, but Daddy got her first giggle.

Avery is still doing incredibly well with the transition of a sister. I even find her 'sharing' her toys with Claire and making her dolls talk to Claire.

Our Halloween was fun this year. Avery chose to be Snow White and loved dressing up as a princess.

We participated in the Trunk-or-Treat at church. Avery really got into it and came away with plenty of treats. Every day now we have requests for a treat from the 'purple pumpkin'.

Our friend Mandy dressed up as the princess from Mario Brothers and Avery was thrilled to see another princess at the event.

Here is the whole family at the Trunk-or-Treat. Claire enjoyed it without a costume and snuggled soundly in her carseat.

Just after Halloween, I (Tonya) had a minor procedure on my wrist, so Grandma came to visit for a week to help us out. The girls loved having Grandma here and I got more sleep than I have had in months! Thank you Grandma!

New dresses from Grandma.

Here is Claire after her first set of immunizations. I wanted this picture because it reminded me of the one in this post of Avery. Claire handled it so well! She cried for about a minute and was done. This was not the case however just a couple of days later when her sister collided into her, that merited a fuss much bigger. A sign of things to come maybe??

In other news. Kevin has been very busy around the house.

The other night he painted both mine and Avery's toenails. This was Avery's first pedicure and she loved it! I think what she loves most though is being able to say "My Daddy paint my toes".

Kevin also took on the daunting task of reroofing our shed. He did a great job!

And finally, here is a shot of our more improved kitchen! Every time Grandma Sandra stays at our house, something in the kitchen is improved. The new cabinets are installed, filled, and organized. Now they just await paint. Hooray Kevin and Grandma! Thank you!

So, that is all for now. See you all after the race through the holidays.  We might pop in from time to time.  Might ;)

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Anonymous said...

My arms ache to be there holding and loving on all of you!
Looks like Grandma was a great help that week for all of you!
Kevin, the shed and kitchen shelves look great, but the best painting job you will ever do will be on the toes of your girls! ;-)
Love you all and what a great post!!!!
Grams and Bob-bob