Thursday, April 29, 2010


It is official! We are having a girl! Fun! A sister for Avery and another princess for Daddy. Here are our sonograms. They are a bit hard to see, but this is all we have until we see her in person.

We saw some great shot of her during the sonograms, but the photos aren't quite as good.

The nurse called her "laid back" because she was pretty calm the whole time, so maybe that will translate to her personality when she is here.


Profile #1

Profile #2

L:Full frontal face

R:Face looking down


roaming ralpal said...

Great job! Another beauty being formed inside you! I can see a resemblance to her sister but I also make out a facial difference. She is adorable and I love her already!
Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Another precious Avery the 2nd. She is going to have her own sweet personality we can see already. Precious. "243"

Sandra dodd said...

I think she is beautiful