Thursday, August 27, 2009

More travel updates

The next part of our journey was spent in Bridgeport, TX with my (Tonya's) family. Avery and I stayed with them during the week while Kevin returned to Lawrence to work. Then on Friday he drove back down to Texas and we stayed until Wednesday.
We stayed with my parents in their RV at a campground, so we spent a lot of time in the pool. Avery loved it.

We also had makeshift bath time for her. :)

My grandparents joined us here and we celebrated Avery's birthday again.

As you can see, Avery had a fabulous time with all the grandparent and great-grandparent attention.

While Kevin was around, he, my dad, mom, sister, and Papa poured cement on my parents land. This is a photo from my Mom's blog.

My Mom has a great post with lots of pictures of the cement pouring. You can visit that post here. My camera spent it's time with Avery and Nana and I who stayed in the air conditioned RV and did not see much cement action.

After the visit with the family we continued on our journey to Lubbock, TX where we spent the night with Kevin's aunt and uncle. Before we left town we ate at Rosa's (a local family favorite!) and visited with my college roommate, Beth. Here we are in her new house!

And that is all for today. The next post will be all about the family reunion. Check back soon!


Beth said...

Score! I made the blog post! It was REALLY good to see you guys. I wish we could visit more often! Avery is precious and such a happy little girl! Thanks for spending time with me during your visit!

Anonymous said...

Great time was had by all! So glad you were here with us. Couldn't have done the cement work without Kevin, besides his hard work I am grateful he was able to show Bob the advantage to renting 'real' equipment like the front loader wooha! Love you, Grams and BobBob