Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just life

No big news this time around, just life (and lots of pictures of it).

Avery's Nana has been busy. She is a very talented seamstress and has made Avery these adorable 2 outfits lately. They are so sweet. I think the hats are especially cute.

The purple outfit even came with a handmade bunny rabbit doll.

The green outfit came with amazing little shoes!

What childhood is complete without animated dancing penguins singing Christmas carols? Apparently not Avery's, and she loves them!

She also loves her diapers...

I tried again to get photos of her little teeth. These are the best I have, at least this time you can see something. However, the flash on the camera blinds her, so you get teeth, but no eyes. I promise she does have both teeth and eyes at the same time...

Avery's newest trick is to roll across the room to get her bottle and then feed herself. As you can see, she is getting most of it in her mouth, but some lands on the floor and all over her face...

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Anonymous said...

I not only love the pictures of her teeth and milk sodden face, I also love her smile and enthusiasm! Well now I am needing some Avery hugs, Tonya hugs and Kevin hugs!
Your background is way COOL! Happy Valentine's Day to you three!