Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where did the time go?

Where has the time gone? In just a blink of an eye I have a "grown up" baby. This week we have discovered that she has a tooth coming in! Bye bye babyhood...

We barely could tell that she was teething and then all of a sudden there was something sharp in that bite. I have tried to get a picture but there is barely enough to see and she does not like me messing with her mouth. This is the best photo taken during the tooth capturing photo shoot, but there is no tooth to see in this picture.
Speaking of teething... she is chewing on everything. Including her feet which I find completely adorable.

At the same time, she is also getting ready to crawl! We are not just leaving babyhood, we are sprinting out of it. She now regularly gets up on her hands and knees. She is able to push herself backwards (which she finds entirely frustrating), but there is no forward motion yet. She is getting very adept at rolling from place to place though.

She still loves her squash and after a short period a couple of weeks ago of refusing to eat from a spoon, she is an eating machine.

She is still favoring her left hand, but we will wait to see the final outcome on that. She is also sucking her first two fingers on her left hand, upside down, which is funny to see. Unfortunately, you will have to wait to see it because apparently I don't have a picture of that (She is too much of a camera ham to be seen with fingers in her mouth when the camera comes out). The neat thing about this is Kevin's Grandma is one of the few lefties in the family and she sucked her fingers the same way when she was small! Funny the things that pass through the generations!

She definitely has her own opinions on things. She prefers sleeping on her tummy, she does not like roasted acorn squash, she likes to be held, she gets very excited when Daddy comes home from work, she loves dancing and quick movements, she likes mimicking the sounds that Mommy makes, and she does not like to be left alone for very long.
She does well with bath time as long as she has a washcloth to suck on and you don't take too long drying her off after she is out of the tub.

And on a side note, we celebrated Christmas again last week. The black and white dress Avery is wearing at the beginning of this post was one gift of many that she received. In fact, we all received quite the cache. Thank you family for the fantastic gifts and thank you Brad and Sandra for transporting them up here from Texas.

Look for another post soon, as Avery's 7 month birthday is on Friday!


Anonymous said...

How fun your blog is! don't worry about excercising outside of the home because you have Avery to keep you on your toes and running after her! I forsee her laughing as she leaves you two in her wake! Love to all 3 of you, Grams and Grandaddy

Amanda said...

She look like her mamma!

Sarah Long said...

Love these updates!! God bless you guys!!