Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two months old

These are Avery's two month old birthday pictures. As I have mentioned before, she is now starting to fit into her "cute" clothes. So we celebrated by dressing her up and taking pictures in our back yard. Doesn't she look great?! I especially like the hat. :)

I was shopping at Walmart today and saw a couple newborns wandering the store with their moms and I realized that I have a full-fledged baby now! No more newborn! It's true what they say that the stages pass by while you aren't even looking. She still gets noticed though, just for being so cute. But I'm sure that will never go away... (not that I am biased or anything)

Avery's new favorite place to be is faced out while being held. She used to favor being curled up on a shoulder, but now she wants to see and look around. So Kevin has come up with this new way to carry her and she seems pretty happy with it.
We are still having a hard time with her in the carseat, and actually it seems to be getting worse. It is hard to even drive across the small town of Lawrence without her going in to full-fledged screaming mode. I think we have come up with the idea that she doesn't like not being able to see people. We have put up a mirror, dangled toys, turned on music, talked to her, put her in the seat drowsy right before a nap, and none of those seem to work to calm her. However, the second she is pulled out of the carseat, all is well. So, we will just not plan long car rides for awhile. I have heard that some kids don't like the carseats until they are old enough to face forward. I suppose patience is in order...

To celebrate Labor Day, Kevin, Avery and I joined his family in Topeka for a BBQ and swim. Kevin even tried to take Avery in the water, but it was too cold and she quickly let him know that. Instead, she took a sunbathing nap on Aunt Lori's lap.

As you can see, she was working on a "line-less" tan. Thank goodness Aunt Lori didn't mind the little showers that Avery sent down her leg!
Next week Avery will get her first immunization shots, so I'm sure we will have news then!
Love, Tonya, Kevin, and Avery


Beth said...

Ahh, I'm a fan of hats too! What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Oh my how could we have let that one slip by us! It is just amazing how perfect our grandaughter aka your daughter is! Okay the car seat thing does make her 1% human instead of her obvious super star status. I love the red outfit! Miss you all sooooo much! Grams and Gramps(In my dream the other night this is what Avery was calling us)

Chris and Andrea Moyer said...

She is so beautiful. I love the red outfit. We can hardly wait to meet her in person! Does Avery like music? If so you could play a musical toy or get a soft clip and go mobile to put on her carseat. Otherwise you may have to walk more places!!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute how Avery just sits perched in Kevins hands like that. She is a doll! And hey if your going to the trouble to sun bathe then line-less is best, I'd say!